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Moscow 8 (495) 589-11-33
Saint-Petersburg 8 (812) 309-81-09
Sochi 8 (862) 262-06-19

History of success

SYNCHROTEL was the company which offered different technical innovative approach to preparation and providing congresses and exhibitions. In the future, due to SYNCHROTEL’s standards Russian market of congress services started its development.

We offer high quality services using the latest world achievements in the field of communication, processing of audio and video, software and graphics projection.

SYNCHROTEL employees are guided by the wishes of customers and based on their own experience, offering unique and innovative technical solutions, specific to the organization and holding of congresses, including the international level.

During the years SYNCHROTEL supported the following major events:

  1. G8 Finance Ministers Meeting
  2. Group of Eight Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in advance of G8 summit
  3. 59th World Newspaper Congress and the 13th World Editors Forum of the World Association of Newspapers
  4. VI Congress of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia
  5. Inauguration of Volkswagen AG plant (Kaluga)
  6. Working session within the framework of the IOC Evaluation Commission visit for the assessment of Sochi-2014
  7. International Energy Security Conference
  8. 77-th INTERPOL General Assembly
  9. Russia-EU Summit
  10. Sakha-Yakutia International Economic Forum
  11. Khanty-Mansiysk International Economic Forum
  12. International Conference “The Modern State and Global Security” (Yaroslavl)
  13. “Strategy-2020. New Tactics” Forum
  14. VI Tver Interregional Economic Forum
  15. Speeches of the US President Barack Obama (Moscow)
  16. Presentation of Volkswagen AG complete car assembly line (Kaluga) 


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